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Metal Finishing Processes

Sulfuric Anodize           Mil-A-8625 Ty2      
Hard Anodize               Mil-A-8625 Ty3      
Chem Film                   Mil-DTL-5541             
Prime & Paint               Mil-Spec/ Commercial
Solid Film Lubricants
Passivation                  AMS- QQ-P-35
Silk Screen                   Mil-Spec/ Commercial
Graphic Anodize

Metal Finishing Pretreatments

Aluminum Bright Dip - bright dip is a chemical polishing pretreatment to create bright metal finishing on aluminum.
Polishing - mechanical polishing or buffing to create mirror metal finishing appearance prior to anodizing , passivation , Alodine or Irridite chem film etc.
Blasting, Sanding & Shot Peen- used to remove scale and create satin or grained metal finishing appearance, pretreatment for paint, solid film lubricants, Slickote .

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Our Mission: 
The mission of Anodizing Industries is to provide the highest quality metal finishing and service to manufacturers and industry