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Anoprint & Anojet Dyes

Anoprint & Anojet dyes are anodizing dyes which are silk screened or printed into unsealed anodized aluminum surfaces to create graphic logos, images and other color effects. Anoprints & Anojet dyes are solvent dyes as opposed to water base anodize dyes, dispersed in a solvent system. After silk screening or anojet printing, the parts may be dyed and sealed without affecting the printed logo.

Intended Use

For creating graphic logos and images which are silk screened or printed and sealed into the pores of anodized aluminum.
Creating multiple color on the same aluminum part.
Serves as a resist to dyeing after printing.
As an anodize touch up for rack marks, bare spots.

Application Procedure

Anodize aluminum part. Rinse thoroughly in ambient water and allow to air dry. Avoid hot water, which may partially seal the anodized coating.
Silk screen the logo(s) with the Anoprint ink(s) or print with Anojet dyes. Air dry (apx 30 minutes)
Note: if parts must be stored before printing, wrap in protective paper to keep from air.
Optional – reactivate anodize pores, 30 seconds in sulfuric acid tank (usually required only when unsealed anodize is exposed to air for extended period).
Dye and seal as required. (optional cure at 250 deg F for 30 min to improve seal)

Physical Properties

Color: Clear, Red, Yellow, Black, Blue, Brown Custom Mix


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